Book thoughts

Know My Name: Who owns a woman’s body?

If we don’t have the rights over our own bodies then what is the point? While reading Chanel Miller’s Know My Name, I was preoccupied with the theme of body and how our bodies relate to the world in terms of ownership. For those of you who don’t know Chanel Miller was (is?) Emily Doe,… Continue reading Know My Name: Who owns a woman’s body?


Books to Dismantle the Patriarchy

During these times of social distancing, I wanted to share some book recommendations you can read/listen to during your time spent at home. Let me know if you have read any of the books and we can start a virtual book club among strangers! Kicking off Sexual Assault Awareness Month, I want to give you… Continue reading Books to Dismantle the Patriarchy

Book thoughts

Coffee Will Make You Black and Womanish

I’ve written before about how growing up, I was not happy with being black. When I look back on how I thought of myself and the messages I internalized, I am sad and ashamed. Occasionally, I may revert to those awful thoughts, but it’s gotten a lot better. It’s funny (it’s actually not funny). As… Continue reading Coffee Will Make You Black and Womanish