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The Shared Trauma in Black Women & Mental Health

My article as posted first on The Black Girl Archives 🥰 I am a Black woman and I have internalized a lot of messages about mental health from society and my family. Growing up, I was surrounded by strong Black women that I aspired to be. I really drew on that strength. From their love,… Continue reading The Shared Trauma in Black Women & Mental Health

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She’s Come Undone: Falling apart

I’m not sure why I like reading books about trauma, why we all like reading, watching, consuming trauma. Maybe trauma is really what connects us as humans, suffering. I was drawn to another book about trauma, She’s Come Undone by Wally Lamb. For a man, he writes a good coming of age story by a… Continue reading She’s Come Undone: Falling apart

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Flowers in the Attic: Money can’t be a mother

In my formative years, I was obsessed with VC Andrews. I think what drew me to the books was the dark and taboo nature of them, filled with rich family secrets and incestuous forbidden love. Reading them felt risky and exhilarating. I experienced a weird rush when someone knew what I was reading about. I… Continue reading Flowers in the Attic: Money can’t be a mother

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School’s Out

Hey y’all! It’s been a long time. I shouldn’t have left you, without a dope beat to step to. Step to, step to, step to. Step to, step to. *wicky-wicky-wah* I’m back with my thoughts about The Nickel Boys! The Nickel Boys is unlike anything I have read before. I have read books about prison,… Continue reading School’s Out

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Somebody sing a Black girl’s song

Trauma. This word is buzzing around my head after I finished Monday’s Not Coming by Tiffany D. Jackson. So many iterations and layers of trauma. So many ways it can show up in the body of a black girl and a black woman. The trauma of a best friend who disappeared. Of lost children. Of… Continue reading Somebody sing a Black girl’s song

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Who Is Allowed To Experience Trauma?

An important conversation happening more prominently today is the one about mental health and May is Mental Health Awareness Month. It’s no longer a belief of a divide between the crazy people and the normal people. I wonder how different the world would be if so many hurt people treated their mental health as well… Continue reading Who Is Allowed To Experience Trauma?

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Black Guilt and PTSD

For someone who doesn’t like books about slavery, I have been reading a lot of them lately. Already in 2020, I have read 3 so far. I think I’m discovering a reason why books about slavery don’t really get me excited. So, I’m reading Roots and it has been an emotional journey for me. Remember… Continue reading Black Guilt and PTSD