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Uncomfy Books: Reading that makes you uncomfortable

As first posted on Feminist Book Club I like reading books that make me feel uncomfortable.  I know in high school, I did my share of reading to escape reality, to immerse myself in worlds other than my own and live other people’s lives. Many people like to read to escape the world. I saw… Continue reading Uncomfy Books: Reading that makes you uncomfortable

Book thoughts

Feminism is Wizardry

As first seen on 🥰 Lately I have been feeling like I need to channel my inner wizard and make a miracle. 2020 has been filled with days where I was covered in a black veil. I’m referencing Black Girl Unlimited: The Remarkable Story of a Teenage Wizard by Echo Brown, released earlier this… Continue reading Feminism is Wizardry


Books about sad families

Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching. This is by far my least favorite holiday. I hate the food and the racist origins of this terrible holiday. Tensions are high in our nation right now, and many families will be getting together over gross stuff like ambrosia salad. If the thought of being around your family right now… Continue reading Books about sad families

Book thoughts

Beloved and Hell

In preparation for a (failed) buddy read of Paradise with a friend from #bookstagram, I started reading Beloved by Toni Morrison. I read on Wikipedia that Paradise is the final part of a trilogy that includes Beloved and Jazz. They aren’t a trilogy in the traditional sense, but they are a representation of a Danteques… Continue reading Beloved and Hell


I have been dying to tell you

I have been dying to tell you I’m sorry I’m sorry for the coulda beens and shoulda beens The missed opportunities I’m sorry for the fear that kept me Keeps me From authentically being myself around you I’m sorry I kept you in this box Of what everyone else thinks of you I’m sorry I… Continue reading I have been dying to tell you