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School’s Out

Hey y’all! It’s been a long time. I shouldn’t have left you, without a dope beat to step to. Step to, step to, step to. Step to, step to. *wicky-wicky-wah* I’m back with my thoughts about The Nickel Boys! The Nickel Boys is unlike anything I have read before. I have read books about prison,… Continue reading School’s Out


A very short list of books white people should read

A trend on #bookstagram has been to post of stack of books white people should read in order to become better allies for racial justice and ending white supremacy. I participated with my own list based on what books I own, but there are so many books out there I want to share. I wanted… Continue reading A very short list of books white people should read

Book thoughts

A colorful reflection

One Day We'll All Be Dead and None of This Will Matter is a collection of essays written by Scaachi Koul, and by collection of essays, I mean gems crafted to shine some light in the world. Scaachi’s essays range on topics from dreadful weddings, less than relaxing vacations, the middle school anxiety we have… Continue reading A colorful reflection

Book thoughts

Well-Meaning White Folks

I love well-meaning white folks. Like the ones who tell me I’m articulate or who remind me quite often at how not racist they are. The ones who use that infamous quote from The Help. “You is kind. You is smart. And you is important.” I love a good story where black people’s main role… Continue reading Well-Meaning White Folks

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DuBois and Virtual Reality

I like video games. I wouldn’t say I like video games as much as normal people who like video games, but I like them more than people who don’t like video games. They’re cool. I like playing (although I’m not very good) and watching other people play sometimes. Virtual reality is a whole other ball… Continue reading DuBois and Virtual Reality

Book thoughts

Black Guilt and PTSD

For someone who doesn’t like books about slavery, I have been reading a lot of them lately. Already in 2020, I have read 3 so far. I think I’m discovering a reason why books about slavery don’t really get me excited. So, I’m reading Roots and it has been an emotional journey for me. Remember… Continue reading Black Guilt and PTSD

Book thoughts

Actually, You’re a Racist…

Ibram Kendi really shook things up for me. How To Be An Antiracist was a radical take on antiracist work. At first my feathers were ruffled and then his words came for my life and affected me deep inside. Being Anti-racist is a journey and not a destination. Plus, I this word a lot better… Continue reading Actually, You’re a Racist…