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As first posted on mixedmag.co Cover art by  @stacieswift Do you ever feel like you don’t deserve to be in certain spaces? I have a bad habit of appraising my worth from my years of experience (or lack thereof) and how much I don’t know compared to the rest of the people around me. I… Continue reading Imposter

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What Source Are You Connecting To?

I know one of my first post for the year was about setting my intention for this year and my word was expansion. I think setting intentions is a great concept that I would really like to follow in my life, but limiting my intention to just one word, or limiting my year to just… Continue reading What Source Are You Connecting To?

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“Congratulate Tayler on her work anniversary”

I am a new professional and this week marks my first year of my first full-time job after grad school. Aside from getting used to the agonizing notion that I will never have summer break ever again (and this transition is *not literally* rough on my body), I find that my days are filled with… Continue reading “Congratulate Tayler on her work anniversary”