I have been dying to tell you

I have been dying to tell you I’m sorry I’m sorry for the coulda beens and shoulda beens The missed opportunities I’m sorry for the fear that kept me Keeps me From authentically being myself around you I’m sorry I kept you in this box Of what everyone else thinks of you I’m sorry I… Continue reading I have been dying to tell you


A very short list of books white people should read

A trend on #bookstagram has been to post of stack of books white people should read in order to become better allies for racial justice and ending white supremacy. I participated with my own list based on what books I own, but there are so many books out there I want to share. I wanted… Continue reading A very short list of books white people should read

Book thoughts

World War What Now?

Growing up, I had what I now think back on as a strange fascination with books from World War II. They were my favorite genre back in fourth and fifth grades. I especially loved the love stories. I hadn’t picked up a WWII book in years and I accidently picked one up when I started… Continue reading World War What Now?


Battle: Flowers in the Attic

I recently reread one of my favorite childhood (more like preteen) series, Flowers in the Attic by V. C. Andrews. Don’t ask me why I liked such a dark twisted series. Maybe it was a fascination with the taboo that intrigued me. Anyway! I wanted to do a comparison with the first book in the… Continue reading Battle: Flowers in the Attic

Book thoughts

A colorful reflection

One Day We'll All Be Dead and None of This Will Matter is a collection of essays written by Scaachi Koul, and by collection of essays, I mean gems crafted to shine some light in the world. Scaachi’s essays range on topics from dreadful weddings, less than relaxing vacations, the middle school anxiety we have… Continue reading A colorful reflection