Welcome! My name is Tayler (she, her pronouns) and I really like reading books. Well, listening to audiobooks because I stay busy! Don’t judge me!

I started this blog because I wanted to make reading cool and this pun was just too good to pass up (even though white people are slowly killing “lit”. No offense white people…). And because my social circles were tired of hearing about all of the different random, and sometimes weird, books I read (again, mostly listen to). I hope to share with all you strangers on the internet my thoughts and feelings. And books give me all the feels…

A few warnings:

  • My thoughts rarely stay on topic so you will see seemingly irrelevant tangents and many side thoughts in parenthesis (I use these more here than in PEMDAS)
  • If you are illiterate in meme culture, you will learn plenty through this blog. They are a great source of joy for me and I will use them throughout my posts
  • These are not book reviews or SparkNotes. I am not that cultured or smart.
  • These are conversation launchers through the medium of books. Please don’t make me ramble on the internet to myself 😊
A cat dressed as a nun with round sunglasses. Text says "Literature Review?! It's Lit"

Even if you don’t care about books but want a course in millennial speak (not GenZ because I’m too old and can’t keep up, although there is some overlap), you can learn that here!

And I feel like I should post this for liability reasons?: As an employee of a state university, my thoughts are my own and not a reflection of my employer whatsoever

That being said, please give me book recommendations you would like to see!

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Ahhh, why are we so alike? I’m loving this and I’m loving your blog! I feel like our souls are friends (even thought I don’t believe in souls what even).

    Do you have a Twitter account? I feel like I’d enjoy your tweets a lot too. 😆❤️

    …okay, this is enough creeping people out today. I shall see myself out. 😂


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