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You Got This!

It’s been a while since I read a self-improvement book! The last one I finished was You Got This!: Unleash Your Awesomeness, Find Your Path, and Change Your World by Maya Penn. It definitely is meant for middle grades to high school students, but I still found some really good advice.

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Maya wrote this book at 15, and I was so impressed. She has accomplished so much in her short life. And to think I used to feel imposter syndrome for being the youngest in so much of my professional circles.

For a 15-year-old CEO, she seemed very immature. I’m not sure if it was because she was writing for a younger audience, but she seemed overly childish. At times, it was very distracting. I kept forgetting she was fifteen and read it as if she was much younger. I was childish at her age too, but not quite that rainbow and butterflies.

But this book wasn’t written for my old ass (I’m not that old, but I’m six years older than Maya and eleven years older than she was when she wrote this book); it was written as a call to action for kids to not be limited by their age to achieve their dreams. Maybe in this aspect I was a little jealous. I am always a little envious of those who find out what they want to do with their lives (and actually start doing it) before they are adults who have become jaded by the world.

And at the same time, it was really refreshing to see a carefree Black girl living her Black girl magical dreams, telling a story not centering trauma. Just a Black girl being authentically and unapologetically herself, with love, altruism, and imagination. I can’t hate on that.

NAVESZN | Happy International Women's Day: An Ode to Black Women

I added this book to my wish list on my library app a long time ago because it had a black girl on the cover. I kept skipping over it for a long time, and I honestly only picked it up recently because it was one of the oldest additions to the list and I’m trying to read some of the older books on the list.

At the end of the day, I’m glad I read this short book. It reminded me to stay imaginative and to keep my dreams fun. This book is perfect for that spirited young entrepreneur in your life. I hope Maya continues to stay true to herself.

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