A Home Body

You were never broken
You were always whole
You may not feel at home in your body
But you have every right to feel loved
You are like Samson, drawing strength from your hair
Changing its shape, like clouds in the sky
Changing its color, like leaves in autumn
Changing its length, texture, style
An expression of who you are and want to be
You bare your claws
To defend yourself against the world
You keep your exoskeleton strong, too strong
Because you are soft on the inside, too soft
Keeping everyone out, not letting them close
They say one can’t feel if someone licks your elbow
You move around life unfeeling
Taking licks to your elbow pretending they’re not there
Knowing if you allowed yourself to feel the pain
It’s anything but funny
You stand tall, but allow yourself to feel small
Your legs seem uninterested in holding you up anymore
But they were once strong
And they will be able to carry you once again
The parts of us are insignificant
Mundane in their looks and aches
But together they make a home
One day we will get comfortable in again

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