A very short list of books white people should read

A trend on #bookstagram has been to post of stack of books white people should read in order to become better allies for racial justice and ending white supremacy. I participated with my own list based on what books I own, but there are so many books out there I want to share. I wanted to share with you a very short list of the most important books (that I have read anyway). Some of them are nonfiction and some of them are fiction (which is just as important). I usually write short summaries and an explanation on why you should read the book, but in an attempt to add more books than I usually include, I only wrote a short sentence. All links are to where you can purchase from my favorite feminist bookstore.*

This is definitely just a start!

Read this book if you are a white person looking for understanding coming from another white person.

Read this book if you want to know how miscommunication can occur with people you don’t know very well.

Read this book if you think you’re not a racist, even if you are black!

Read this book if you think feminism is only for affluent white women.

Read this if you want to get the perspective of Black people in predominately white spaces.

Read this book if you think you are a well-meaning white person.

Read this because Ta-Nahasi Cotes is just great at explaining race stuff

Read this book to support a dope black woman academic talking about her struggle of being taken seriously when she talks about race.

Read this book if you think black girls wanting blonde hair and blue eyes is the same thing as cultural appropriation (FYI it’s not)

Read this book if you want to sing a black girl’s struggle (it’s beautiful in a rip your heart out your chest way).

*I do make a small commission if you buy from this link, but that shouldn’t stop you from supporting this awesome feminist bookstore! If most of these are on backorder, don’t fret! If you download the Overdrive app, you can put on hold an ebook or audiobook version from you library and download it to any device!

2 thoughts on “A very short list of books white people should read”

  1. I love the book recommendations section of your blog! These are some GREAT recommendations and some I’ve never heard of that I will be sure to check out!

    Liked by 1 person

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