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How to be Productive During Quarantine

Writing has been a constant during this pandemic. I have written more than I have ever before. Which is weird because I feel like I don’t have that much time to do much of anything.

I feel like I’m not reading as much as I have before. I find myself struggling trying to cram in all the audiobooks I have checked out from the library before I run out of time. I think it has to do with not having a commute anymore. I’m 3 books behind schedule for my Goodreads goal! Again, I’m saving time in one area, but feel like I’m losing it in another.

The concept of time has become weird in general. I don’t remember what day of the week it is, and I never remember the date (sometimes I will forget after looking at the date multiple times a day). Sometimes 7 pm seems really late, sometimes it seems really early. March seemed to drag by, but then April seemed like it only lasted two weeks and May went by in a blink.

The days, weeks, and months all blur together, and I have trouble keeping up with what I’ve done and still have to do. Did I shower today or was that yesterday? I ran, cleaned the kitchen, and deep conditioned my hair all just this morning? I thought that was yesterday. What do you mean we just spent 4 hours watching YouTube videos about a guy killing his Sims in random ways like a survival show??

found on @lean_in_my_cereal

I’m not sure how it is for y’all, but I’m convinced time doesn’t exist anymore. Time is an illusion. Time only matters if it’s running out.

One thing you can do is keep track of the progress you make each week either on a white board or another place that is visible. How many pages did you write? How many hours did you spend reading? How many miles did you walk outside (or steps, if that is your currency for challenges). I tried doing this, but it did not work for me at all 😊.

You could also start a garden or just get like one plant if you’re not that ambitious. I had plants before the pandemic, and they are now thriving all because I remember to open my curtains for them to get more sunlight. My mom started planting vegetables in pots in the house and it’s amazing for watching the time fly as they grow. Stick to hearty plants if you don’t have a green thumb (like me).

found on @insta.single

Or you could just continue living your best life by surviving the day. Don’t pay attention to clocks and calendars if you don’t have to. It’s hard enough seeing everyone being “productive” can be discouraging. Hey, you showered and changed from one set of pajamas to another? Way to go making an effort boo!

This can be a time where we sit in our discomfort and reflect on our lives. Where do you think these feelings of discomfort are coming from? What internal work can be done during this time. What is your body telling you it needs (all the quarantine snacks is an acceptable answer because we ain’t fatphobic up in here)?

If you can read all the books (even as a form of escape), stay hydrated, and avoid texting your ex, you’re already great!

Tell me: how are you spending, wasting, or ignoring your time?

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