Book Review: Rich Bitch

I love how I just said I didn’t know how to write book reviews. Well, I tried again and here is my first real attempt. Go easy on me!

In Rich Bitch: A Simple 12-Step Plan for Getting Your Financial Life Together…Finally, Nicole Lapintalks all things money and women. She breaks everything women need to know about making money, saving money, and spending money in her 12 steps. Lapin does not pretend to be perfect and weaves in stories of her own experiences about what worked for her and what she would have done differently, as well as stories of well-known entrepreneurs.

Not all of the parts were relevant to my life in my current financial stage, but it definitely addressed any of the questions I may have had about anything related to finances. I liked how Lapin breaks down financial topics in a way for people with limited experience and knowledge. I also appreciate how she challenges conventional wisdom to show that meeting your financial goals doesn’t have to be really restrictive and knowing that you “have arrived” can be as simple as buying all the avocados you want.

And while I did learn a lot from this book, Lapin’s use of the word bitch was a lot for me. It felt like she was overplaying the reclamation of the word and it just came across as bothersome rather than empowering. I felt two different vibes, like she is trying really hard to be feminist, but then would say things like “Not to get all feminist on you…” Messages were also very heteronormative and fatphobic at times (so much comparison to diets and looking at yourself naked as a motivator to lose weight), which isn’t my cup of tea.

I did listen to the audiobook, which did affect my feelings, and the way in which she writes is very similar to how she would speak colloquially. I think I would have appreciated this style more if I were reading (because I write in a similar style), instead of her saying “bitch” all the time. Overall, I give three stars out of five.

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