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Make Your Relationships Count

My favorite black holiday movie is The Preacher’s Wife. I’m not sure why I enjoyed that movie so much growing up. Maybe because I wanted to have a Denzel Washington angel to become my new dad. Something about how he burned his mouth on that pizza in that one scene and washed it down with a very refreshing looking can of Coke. Every time I watched that movie, I expected Whitney Houston to just leave her husband for the much nicer angel. I guess I forgot he wasn’t allowed to stay on Earth for very long…

We think celebrities will live forever (I’m convinced Betty White will live forever and I will be so sad when it is finally her time to leave us). We oftentimes forget celebrities are human too and aren’t immune to heart disease or accidents or death in general. And like death in real life, it usually comes suddenly and too soon.

Reading A Song for You by Robyn Crawford was a new perspective of me. How does it feel to watch your best friend (and lowkey probably soulmate) slowly kill themselves? It sounds awful, especially for it to happen in such a public way.

Celebrity memoirs are like trauma porn. Regular people get off on hearing the misfortune of famous people for some reason. I kept having that thought while reading Inside Out by Demi Moore. Her life was tragedy after tragedy and the ending, while happy in the sense that she was finally working on the roots of her issues, didn’t seem all that happy to me.

But maybe that’s the ending we could only hope for. For us to be content in our skins, whether that means surrounded by the people we love, or alone.

It seems like Whitney didn’t have that ending. Or maybe she did. After all, this book was written from the perspective of her friend. It’s as if I wasn’t satisfied with how their relationship ended, and I’m guessing Robyn wasn’t either. I can’t imagine having my best friend die without us having the closure or continuation of our friendship.

A Song for You taught me two things:

  1. Make sure you let the people you care about know how you feel, because you never know when it’s their time to leave you and this life.
  2. At the same time, know when it’s time to leave relationships that aren’t good for you. When you realize that you have lost yourself in another person, it’s time to go.

Like Angel Denzel, we aren’t allowed to stay on this Earth forever. We also don’t have Angel Denzel to swoop down from Heaven to fix the messed-up relationships we have with the people we love (although there could be. Who knows?).

But for real. The Preacher’s Wife is sooo underrated. Next holiday (like Valentine’s Day or on a random Tuesday, whatever strikes your fancy), please watch it. It’s about time for me to rewatch to see if it doesn’t make me cringe like so many of my other favorite movies from childhood 😊

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