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Big Magic, Humble Beginnings

I’ll admit, I was a bit skeptical about reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. My friend lent me the book (without having read it first, I might add). I was convinced this was going to be some hoaky (this is definitely not a word) white people mess selling me self-help crap about living my best life (peace sign™), quitting my day job to just give myself over to the goddess that is creativity? That’s definitely what the cover suggests. My eyes rolled so hard, they almost popped out of my head.

The review on the front from POPSUGAR (of all places) says “A must-read for those hoping to live a creative life.” This book just gave me so many vibes that said, “this is not for skeptics like you.”

And then I stared reading it. This was definitely some hoaky (oh snap, this is a word) white people mess selling me self-help crap about living my best life (peace sign™) and giving myself over to the goddess that is creativity. And I am drinking all the green juice (get it? Like the kool-aid? I’m so clever). Slurp, slurp through my environmental-friendly, reusable straw.

Big Magic has forced me to take a look at myself and given me some tough truths. I have been living in fear and it has killed my creativity. I never thought I had an ounce of creativity. Fear and doubt are those haters trying to talk me out of everything.

Elizabeth has helped me realize how magical ideas are; how they manifest themselves in the world, blooming like mother effin’ flowers, man, mother effin’ flowers!

We should help them grow to make this life a little less messed up and a little more beautiful. If you’ve gotten a seed but didn’t plant it, it’s ok if it blossoms from another person’s labor, but you can’t let fear of the work or how you think people will view the harvest (that’s not the right term for flowers right?) stop you from cultivating that seed.

Whew, you can tell I’m not a gardener and that I went overboard with that metaphor.

Man, I felt like a unicorn sipping Rosé while reading this book. I’ll admit, that it did take me a very long time to finish this book. I think subconsciously I needed to draw it out to keep giving me inspiration.

Big Magic is a catalyst for starting this blog. The week I decided to start this blog was when I got a lot of signs from the universe saying I need to just start, and this book was the sign that gave me the permission to be brave and vulnerable. Like POPSUGAR said, this is a must read for anyone who wants to live a creative life.

I have been ok with not being in this game for people to like me and not everyone will like every one of my posts (just like I was bored to tears by the end of the first chapter of City of Girls and did not continue, but we don’t have to like everything someone writes. Sorry Elizabeth). I’m here because writing gives me joy and this blog keeps me accountable to keep writing, despite validation.

Thank you all for being in my garden 😊

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