A Lil Extra

Me pulling the race card

No one: …

Nobody at all: ….

Absolutely no one in the world: ….

ME: Are y’all tired of me reading and writing about books with characters of color? Do you roll your eyes at all my remarks about white people, especially my comments about white women? Do you think I’m always thinking too much about race or being a woman or being a black woman? Do you just wish I would talk about something else for a change??


credit to @theblackdetour

I write about my experience and my perspective and what is interesting to me. We may be talking about these things too much, but no one seems to be listening. Hence, why we keep talking about it. It must be nice to not just think about it…

And I promise I try to expand my horizons and see into the perspectives of other people. I definitely write about that a lot too. I stay curious about people who are different from me and have different lived experiences.

But I don’t think I am equipped or qualified (or have the right to) speak for other people’s experiences; I can only talk about my own experience and how stories from people who are different from me affect my life and perspective.

No one is calling you a racist (breathe easy), but if you start lamenting on how I, a person of color, talks too much about racism, that’s racist. Must be nice to not have to think about how racism affects your life all the time (upcoming post of white fragility 😊)!

credit to @blacksistory

Moral of the story: I’m going to keep talking about race even if people don’t seem to want to listen. Or care that I even brought this up…

Love you, mean it.

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