A Lil Extra

Finding the light

Lately, I feel like my posts have been about nothing. I don’t know why, but it feels as if I have just been writing about anything and nothing of importance. I don’t feel funny and I don’t feel deep and I don’t feel like I’m creating content that motivates people to change the world.

I feel as if I’m getting too caught up on my Instagram page (@itslitblog). I think too much about creating traction and gaining views. I want my blog to be successful, but that’s not why I started it (ok, who am I kidding? That is why I started it, but that wasn’t what gave me the courage to keep going and putting all my feelings on the internet).

But maybe that is why I started this blog. Maybe I wanted to be vulnerable with my emotions but seek validation from strangers. Maybe my need of validation from strangers is something I need to reflect on a little more (during a time where I’m not rambling to strangers on the internet).

credit to @thetinderblog

I started this blog because I believed I had something important to say. Now, I’m not so sure if what I choose to say is really important. I want to write the words people didn’t know they needed (like whoever comes up with the daily reminders on the Co-star app. Sometimes those are a little too real).

I guess moments like these can be valuable too. They keep you humble (or as my grandma, and other old black ladies in the south say, “umble”, without pronouncing the h).

Everything I say isn’t going to be important. And that’s totally ok. Everything I say doesn’t have to be important. What is important is that I am using my voice (my figurative writer’s voice). Because it is a blessing and a privilege to have a way to express myself and being vulnerable enough to do so. People can take what they need and leave the rest.

I believe if a tree falls in the forest, and no one is around to hear it, it still makes a sound. Actually, maybe it just makes a noise since sounds need the vibrations to be received and interpreted, but it still makes SOMETHING, at the very least it’s making waves.

This post was definitely a something, haha. I always intend on my posts staying negative, but I always seem to find the light somewhere, somehow…

May you all always find the light and keep making waves.

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