Letting Love Have the Last Word

I have never really listened to Common’s music. I like intelligent, lyrical rap, but I think I felt like his music was too cerebral for me. Like I would rather read it as poetry than to hear it be recited aloud.

I just finished his memoir Let Love Have the Last Word. It was pretty short and basic for a memoir but listening to the audiobook was definitely a treat. The musical arrangements woven in the chapters were excellent for setting the tone and mood of his story. I felt poetry.

Common talks about love within different relationships: his parents, his daughter, his potential partner, his art, himself, and humanity. He talks about God’s connection to love and his connection to God, but it’s interesting that I mostly got Buddhist vibes from him.

And of course, I picked up on his strong Pisces vibes. I won’t be creepy and find out his whole birth chart (I’ve included this link to find out your own chart, or Common’s if you’re so inclined, for free), but I pick up on Scorpio moon vibes as well…

The relationships that resonated with me the most were between a man and his distant father and a man and his daughter. Relationships like these touch somewhere deep within me.

Common talks about how he always wonders how his life would have been if his father had been in his life. The love he has for his father ultimately leads him to forgive his father (is this technically a spoiler? Can you spoil someone’s life story? I don’t think this is necessarily common *haha, pun* knowledge, but it just feels like I’m giving away the book. Oh well. It’s not that much information).

He also talks about how his own daughter reached out to him to share her feelings with him about his role in her life when she was growing up. I related so much with Omoye. *Now begins post about Daddy Issues*

Growing up I felt a little distant from my own dad. Growing up among divorced parents will do that sometimes. I spent time with my dad, but when I did, it wasn’t a very productive use of our time. We spent many quiet hours together.

As I grew into adulthood, communication has improved between us, although it still lacks bit. I think one of the problems when I was little was that my dad didn’t know how to relate or connect with a child. Now we talk about more adult things but travelling is an especially effective topic for us.

A shift in our relationship occurred when both my grandparents on my dad side passed away. I think that’s when my dad started doing his own reflection on his relationship with me and how he would like it to be before it’s his time to go. He started saying “I love you” much more, that’s for sure.

Omoye put herself out there and made herself vulnerable to share her feelings with her father and Common put a lot of work into reflecting on how he can be a better father.

I forgive my father for our relationship when I was growing up. I am grateful we have time to make up for it before it’s too late. We just gotta keep making those steps towards each other. One day I hope to be as vulnerable with him about this as I have just been with you all.

I want love to have the last word. Like my love for you all, what relationship in your life is full of love?

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