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Hold the mayo, please

Notorious RBG, by Irin Carmon

Remember when Kylie and Kendall released a shirt with Tupac’s face on it and Black people were outraged? That’s how I felt about Notorious RBG, by Irin Carmon. Not that I felt outrage, but it was just like “why white girls gotta ruin everything”.

While the book was an interesting account of all the bad ass things Ruth Bader Ginsberg has done for women and America, did these women have to put her in the context of rap legend Biggie Smallz? Not even put into context; they only used his rap lyrics for chapter titles and didn’t make any connection to the songs in general, which in my opinion would have made a much interesting book.

The point of this book, I deduced, was to be a feminist tribute to an American historical feminist legend. I support celebrating women’s history. #TheFutureIsFemale

I’m all about feminism and what it stands for. I am a proud feminist. The problem I have with feminism (and so do many other women of color) is that it seems to be exclusively for white, cishet, middle class women. My feminism is for everyone. Yeah, I’m still mad from 2015, Patricia Arquette. Gotta love mayo feminists (my word for feminists that protect and prioritize whiteness).

Although, I will say the face of feminism is changing. I did a quick Google image search of feminists and not all of the pictures feature angry white women with a lot of body hair! Not that anything is wrong with body hair. Do or don’t do with whatever you want with your body, girl!

But so many times, people think of feminists as these bra-burning, man-hating, feminazis (fun fact, this is not a misspelled word on Word) that are bent on the destruction of the very fiber of our civilized society. They are half right (F the patriarchy!).

I just want those people to know that I am a rational woman (unbelievable because I have a uterus, right?) that wants equity for all genders, races, classes, sexual/romantic orientations, ability levels, etc. And everyone should want that because all of our liberations are tied to one another.

On another note, as I was sitting here writing this piece, I’m listening to a playlist on Spotify called Focus Flow (of which the cover has a black man) and the description says: Focus your flow with up-tempo instrumental hip-hop beats. These beats are not hip-hop! Just because you have an 808 beat, doesn’t mean it’s automatically hip-hop.

Public Service Announcement to white people: STOP POACHING BLACK CULTURE TO MAKE YOUR STUFF “COOL”.

And since we’re talking about feminists and white women, I’m lookin’ at you Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and most recently, Madonna (feat. Quavo and Maluma)!

Well, this post took kind of a turn. I can go on and on about celebrities and cultural appropriation, but that could be a whole dissertation and take way too long for a blog post, so I’ll just link to some cool stuff other people have said.

A gif Katy Perry in cornrows and no eyebrows attempting to say "I see you" as a stereotypical black woman would say as she looks at her phone and then into the camera

So tell me: Do you identify as a feminist? Why or why not?

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